Peg Perego Bombardier Can-am Traxter Xl With Dump Parts

Model IGOR0019
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Bombardier Can-am Traxter Xl With Dumpzoom

Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SPST8467N Rear Luggage Rack (unavailable)    
2 SPST8468R Rear Body Cover (unavailable)    
3 SPST8469DN Right Vent (unavailable)    
4 SPST8500RCSeat Lock3.00
5 SPST8463N Seat (unavailable)    
6 SPST8464N Under Seat (unavailable)    
7 SPST8482 Instrument Panel Lens (unavailable)    
8 SPST8483GRInstrument Panel Ring Nut2.00
10 SPST8351NHand Grip3.00
11 SPST8257NGas Tank Lid3.00
12 SPST8478N Front Luggage Rack (unavailable)    
13 SPST8479N Cover Clip (unavailable)    
14 SPST8461RFront BodyBack Ordered
15 SPST8477N Front Vain Cover (unavailable)    
16 SOTF0146L30Battery Rod5.50
17 MMEV0243Decals Set / Sticker SheetBack Ordered
18 IAKB0014 12 Volt Slim Battery (unavailable)    
19 ASGI0161NShifter LeverBack Ordered
21 SPST8476NFront Grill16.50
22 SPST8491D Right Fog Light Lens (unavailable)    
23 SAGI8484NFront Steering AssemblyBack Ordered
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- MECB0086U12 Volt Battery Charger*19.95
- MEPU0002Hi / Low Switch12.50
- MEPU0003Forward / Reverse Switch12.50
- SPST8466SNLeft Fender5.50
- SPST8469SN Left Vent (unavailable)  
- SPST8474NLeft Footrest5.50
- SPST8491S Left Fog Light Lens (unavailable)  
- IKCB008212 Volt Quick Charger*Back Ordered
* Part has 'Important Notes' associated with it. We highly recommend clicking the part to read it's full description before ordering.