Power Wheels Brute Force Parts

Model R8126
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 00801-063812 Volt Battery*40.18
3 J5248-2639Steering Column ClipBack Ordered
5 3800-7809Battery Retainer5.05
7 B9785-2159Seat9.40
8 B9785-2269 False motor - right (service center only)    
9 B9785-2279 FALSE MOTOR LEFT (unavailable)    
10 J5248-9160 Brush Guard w/ lights & label (unavailable)    
12 R8126-2449 Shovel (unavailable)    
13 R8126-2439Rear RackBack Ordered
14 B9785-2229.437 bushing2.87
15 R8126-4509Rear AxleBack Ordered
16 R8126-4519Front AxleBack Ordered
17 M7873-2769Right Rear Wheel13.44
18 M7873-2779Left Rear Wheel13.44
19 M7873-2789Right Front Wheel13.44
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- 00801-178212V Quick Charger w/ Probe25.44
- 00801-1531 Tip Switch (service center only)  
- 00801-1620Steering Column Cap1.88
- 00801-1678 Relay Switch (service center only)  
- 00801-1756 Switch- (shifter)(rocker type) (service center only)  
- 00801-2039 Footswitch - (plunger type) (service center only)  
- 3800-9006 Wiring Harness (service center only)  
- J5248-2509Base Plate8.64
- J5248-9279PW Brute Force Hardware bag5.77
- J5248-9789 Left MGB w/ Lower harness (service center only)  
- R8126-0320 Label Sheet (unavailable)  
- R8126-0920AManualBack Ordered
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