Razor Dirt Quad Red Parts

Models 25143060 & 25117460
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 W15128190053Handlebar Grips6.62
2 W25143069043Dirt Quad Twist Grip Throttle (6W Variable Speed)18.22
3 W25143060027HandlebarsBack Ordered
4 W25143060011Brake Lever Assembly w CableBack Ordered
5 W15128190055Handlebar ClampBack Ordered
6 W15128190153Shock Absorber12.14
7/15 W25143002070Dirt Quad Tire Only (Front / Rear)24.99
7CPL W25143060049Dirt Quad Front Wheel Complete w BearingsBack Ordered
8 W25143060174Dirt Quad Adjustable Tie RodBack Ordered
9 W25143069015Dirt Quad Control Module (6W Variable Speed 5 Connector)27.60
9 W25143060015 Dirt Quad Control Module (5W Variable Speed 5 Connector) (unavailable)    
10 W15130412003PR200 Battery w Fuse (2 12V 7AH Single Connector) 
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- W13112099014Charger (24V 1.2A 1500mA)25.76
- W25143060164 Dirt Quad Electrical Kit (5 Pin Control Module & 5 Pin Throttle) (unavailable)  
- W25143099164Dirt Quad Electrical Kit (6 Pin Control Module & 6 Pin Throttle)40.88
- W25143060022Dirt Quad Footrest PlatformBack Ordered
- W25143060203Dirt Quad Front Flange w Bearings (w Hub)Back Ordered
- W25143060078Dirt Quad Inner Tube Only (Front Rear)Back Ordered
- W25143060052Dirt Quad Rear Axle BearingsBack Ordered
- W25143060037Dirt Quad Spindle Arm - Right Left (Set of 2)Back Ordered
- W25143060181Dirt Quad Steering Tube (410.5mm) (2pcs bottom & top)Back Ordered
- w25143002049
Dirt Quad Front Wheel w/flange & BearingBack Ordered
- w25143002048
Dirt Quad Rear Wheel Complete42.88
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