Model 13111101
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 W15125050025PR200 Handlebar Grips (Twist Grip Throttle)6.62
1 W13110050025Handlebar Grips (Thumb Tab Throttle)6.62
2 13110040043 Twist Grip Throttle (Chain Driven 2 Connector) (unavailable)    
2 W13113601043Twist Grip Throttle (Chain Driven 1 Connector)Back Ordered
4 W13111260011Brake Lever Assembly w Cable8.83
6 W13110050026E90 Headset Bearings6.62
10 W13112099049Front Wheel Complete22.08
12 W13111612015Control Module (Chain Driven 7 Connector)Back Ordered
13 W151250011101On off Switch w Light Indicator 
13 W13111290101On off Switch w Light Indicator 
14 W25141012106Charger Port w WiresBack Ordered
15 W13111612112 Reset Button w o Wire (unavailable)    
15 W13111260112Reset Button w Wire4.42
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- W13111050082E90 Deck ScrewsBack Ordered
- W13111050008Front Caliper Brakes w Pads8.83
- W13110050014E1 Series E Spark Charger (24V 1.2A 600mA)23.92
- W13111260017Deck Plate w Grip Tape - RedBack Ordered
- W13111261017Deck Plate w Grip Tape - Pink12.14
- W13111612164Electrical Kit (7C Control Module & Throttle)22.99
- W13111261058Front Fork - Pink11.04
- W13110060023Front Fork - Red8.83
- W13110060206Front Fork w Limiter - Red14.17
- W13112099045Inner Tube Only (Front)Back Ordered
- W13110050032 Quick Release Lever (unavailable)  
- W13111260055Stem w Quick Release Lever - Red14.17
- W13111201055Stem w o Quick Release Lever - RedBack Ordered
- W13111261055Stem w o Quick Release Lever - Pink14.17
- W13112099070Tire Only (Front)11.04
- W13112099029Powerwing Black Folding Knob w o ScrewBack Ordered
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