Peg Perego Gaucho Superpower Parts

Model IGOD0501US
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SPST9192N Steering Wheel Piece (unavailable)    
2 SPST9193Y Steering Wheel Piece (unavailable)    
3 SAGI9192NYHorn Assembly9.57
4 MMMO0151Steering Wheel HardwareBack Ordered
5 ASGI0217NGPSteering Wheel11.00
6 SPST8767NCircuit Board Housing CoverBack Ordered
7 SPST0452N Dashboard Handle (unavailable)    
8 SAGI0162NKey3.50
9 SAGI0445JJGPDashboard AssemblyBack Ordered
10 SAGI3822KGPWindshield Assembly17.60
11 MEVA0050Radio23.00
12 SPST8235NAntenna6.60
13 SAGI3029GR False Engine (unavailable)    
14R SAGI0127DMRight Mirror5.50
14L SAGI0127SMLeft Mirror5.50
15L ASGI0054SN Left Hood Hinge (unavailable)    
15R ASGI0054DN Right Hood Hinge (unavailable)    
16 ASGI0122NM Hood (unavailable)    
17 ASGI0024GPHood Latch (Set of 2)6.47
18 ASGI0118GPGR Toolbox With Tools (unavailable)    
19 SPST8210NTool Box Clip3.20
20 SAGI0183GRTools8.80
22 SAGI0321NSeat AssemblyBack Ordered
23 ASGI0043KGPRollbar Assembly109.89
24 SPST3562NRoll Bar Base3.00
25 SPST8749KNReservoirBack Ordered
26 SPST8750NUnnamed PartBack Ordered
27 MUCI1012GRNSeatbelt Straps (set of 2)11.20
27 ASGI0284GRNSeatbelt Straps with Waist Strap18.10
28 MUCI1009GRSeatbelt Waist Strap8.80
29 SPST3867N Net (unavailable)    
30 SPST3508NConvertible Top8.60
31 SOFF0285ZRear Axle13.20
32 SPST3055A/RFTail Light LensBack Ordered
33L SAGI8405KSNGRShock Absorber (left)10.00
33R SAGI8405KDNGR Shock Absorber (right) (unavailable)    
34 SPST3552NTrailer Hitch4.00
35 SAGI0318KGP Rear Bumper Assembly (unavailable)    
36R SPST3824JDNRight Rear Fender*4.00
36L SPST3824SNLeft Rear Fender4.00
37 SPST0315KN Upper Body (unavailable)    
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- MECS0007Slave BoardBack Ordered
- MEIE0833 Harness Connector (unavailable)  
- MEIE0835 Switch Harness (unavailable)  
- MEIE0836Speed Selector Harness19.80
- MEIE0837Slave Harness17.60
- MEIE0838Motor Harness13.20
- MECS0006Gaucho Super Power Main Circuit BoardBack Ordered
- MEIE0813 24V Battery Harness (unavailable)  
- MEIE0839 24V Battery Harness / Jumper Wire (unavailable)  
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