Peg Perego John Deere Turf Tractor Parts

Models IGOR0027 & IGOR0040
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SARP8826YJohn Deere Seat Assembly19.88
2D ASGI8827DNRight Seat Armrest4.00
2S ASGI8827SNLeft Seat Armrest4.62
3 SAGI8830N Sound Board Assembly (unavailable)    
4 SPST8287KVBHood Assembly28.00
5 SPST8283VB Hood Insert (unavailable)    
6 SPST8791NP Front Grill (unavailable)    
7D SPST8792DRight Front Light3.20
7S SPST8792SLeft Front Light3.00
8 ASGI0156NLoader Hood Pivot Assembly7.88
9 SPST8506N Hood Safety (unavailable)    
10 ASGI0134NYSteering WheelBack Ordered
11 SPST8207RSeat KnobBack Ordered
12 SPST8296VBSeat Support8.80
13 SOTF0128L30Steering Column8.80
14 SPST8300GR Left Footboard (unavailable)    
15 SPST8502VBEngine Protection19.80
16 SPST8508NBattery Locker4.00
17 SOPF0047L30Battery Bracket6.60
18 IAKB050112 Volt Battery79.00
19 ASGI0193NGRPower Pull / Loader Hlr Shifter Assembly*28.60
21 SPST8294NGearbox Panel9.90
22 SPST8279XNLoader Chassis / Body*25.00
23 SAGI8280NFront Steering / Axle Assembly17.60
24S SPST8306SVBLeft Chassis Insert2.50
24D SPST8306DVBRight Chassis Insert2.75
25 SPST8308NMudguard Housing1.00
26 SPST8509NSteering Bushing8.80
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- FIUS0701G111 User / Instruction Manual (unavailable)  
- IGTR0808John Deere Power Loader Trailer*74.88
- IGTR0923 Trailer For John Deere Tractor (unavailable)  
- MEPU0001Accelerator Switch (PIC Switch)Back Ordered
- SMUS0701G111 Hardware / Small Parts Bag (unavailable)  
- SPST8219LP 12 Volt Battery Lid (unavailable)  
- SPST8220LP 12 Volt Battery Tray (unavailable)  
- IKCB008212 Volt Quick Charger*39.00
- MEIE0456 12V Battery Harness (unavailable)  
* Part has 'Important Notes' associated with it. We highly recommend clicking the part to read it's full description before ordering.