Peg Perego Lil Red Tractor Parts

Model IGED1068
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SAGI8343GRSeatBack Ordered
2 SAGI8340RNSeat Base AssemblyBack Ordered
3 SPST8347NSteering Wheel Cap4.00
4 ASGI0145NR Steering Wheel (unavailable)    
5 MECB0085U6 Volt Battery Charger*19.99
6 SPST8249NSteering Column12.85
7 SPST8552SGPLeft FootboardBack Ordered
8 SPST8551N Battery Locker (unavailable)    
9 SPST8338N Hood Grill Insert (unavailable)    
10dx SPST8553DGRRight False EngineBack Ordered
10sx SPST8553SGRLeft False EngineBack Ordered
11 SPST8333WRHoodBack Ordered
12 IAKB05096 Volt 4ah Battery39.00
13 SPST8334WN Front Grill (unavailable)    
14sx SPST8335SLeft Front Light Lens3.00
14dx SPST8335DRight Front Light Lens3.00
15 SPST8337AFront Turn Signal Lens3.00
16dx ASGI0144DNA Right Turn Signal (unavailable)    
16sx ASGI0144SNA Left Turn Signal (unavailable)    
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