Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR (red) Old Parts

Model IGOD0511
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Polaris Ranger RZR (red) Oldzoom

Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SPMV8897NTop Central Roof Tube8.80
2R SPMV8898DN Right Front Roll / Roof Bar (unavailable)    
2L SPMV8898SN Left Front Roll / Roof Bar (unavailable)    
3R SPMV8896DN Right Rear Roll / Roof Bar (unavailable)    
3L SPMV8896SN Left Rear Roll / Roof Bar (unavailable)    
4 SPST8900NTop Roll Bar Connector6.05
5 SPST8880RFront Hood Assembly28.60
6 ASGI0208NRSteering Wheel13.20
7R SPMV8899DN Right Side Guard (unavailable)    
7L SPMV8899SNLeft Side GuardBack Ordered
8 SARP8889NPolaris Ranger Rzr - Seat37.50
9 SPMV8916NPassenger Handle10.45
10 ASGI0207NGear Shifter29.60
11 SAGI8999NRadio29.88
12 SAGI8996NLed Dashboard Assembly29.15
13 SPST8904NPolaris Ranger Rzr - Front Support Brace15.40
14 SAGI8962NGLPolaris 24 Volt Accelerator / Brake Pedal Assembly15.00
15 SPST8921NPedal Plate Base6.60
16R SPST8882DNRight Front Mudguard7.15
16L ASGI0290NPolaris Ranger Rzr - Left Front Mudguard8.25
17 SPST8903Brush Guard Lens3.00
18 SPST8902NBrush Guard Lens Housing3.00
19L SPST8919SLeft Headlight LensBack Ordered
19R SPST8919Right And Left Headlight Lens8.00
20 SPST8901N Front Brush Guard (unavailable)    
22R SPST8924DGRPolaris Ranger Rzr - Right Front Axle Support16.50
22L SPST8924SGRPolaris Ranger Rzr - Left Front Axle Support16.50
23 SOTF0253L30Steering Column12.10
24 SAGI8928NFront Axle Assembly32.88
25 SPMV8893NFront Shock AbsorberBack Ordered
26R/L SARP8997NGRPolaris Ranger Rzr- Front Wheel (Set of 2)43.00
27 SPST8879NVehicle FrameBack Ordered
28 SPST8934NGearshifter Cover / Under Pan7.70
29 SPST8922NPetrol Cap4.00
30R SPST8884DNRight Side ValenceBack Ordered
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- MEIE0826 Slave Harness (unavailable)  
- MEIE0829Motor & Polyswitch Harness28.60
- MEIE0840Motor Harness13.75
- MEPU0003Forward / Reverse Switch12.50
- MEVA0057 Relay Board (unavailable)  
- MEVA0067Main Relay Circuit Board40.52
- MUCI1012GRNSeatbelt Straps (set of 2)11.20
- SAGI9243NPolaris 24 Volt Updated Polyswitch Assembly*18.70
- SPST8998GR Large Hubcap (unavailable)  
- MEIE0842Relay Board Adapter5.50
- SAGI9987 24 Volt Upgraded 350 Watt Motor (unavailable)  
- MEIE0844Main Wire Harness*26.40
- MEIE0813 24V Battery Harness (unavailable)  
- MEIE0839 24V Battery Harness / Jumper Wire (unavailable)  
- ASGI0284GRNSeatbelt Straps with Waist Strap18.10
- CarCoverCar Cover for Ride-on VehiclesBack Ordered
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