Peg Perego Polaris Trail Boss Parts

Model IGOD0052
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SPST8403R Handlebar Cover (unavailable)    
2 SPST8373NSeat15.40
4 SPST8351NHand Grip3.00
5 SPST8417RHand Guard Red5.50
7 SPST8408Headlight LensBack Ordered
8 SPST8378NGas Cap4.00
9 SPST8370XR Upper Body (unavailable)    
10 SPST8955NBattery Retainer5.50
11 IAKB050112 Volt Battery79.00
12 MMEV0564Decal SheetBack Ordered
13 SPST8404NLower Handlebar Assembly8.80
14 SPST8396RFRear Brake Lens3.60
15 MECB0086U12 Volt Battery Charger*22.98
16 SPST8381SGR False Motor Left (unavailable)    
17 SPST8389GRFootrest8.25
18 SPST8369KN Lower Body (unavailable)    
19sx ASGI0148SNGR Rear Shock Absorber (left) (unavailable)    
19dx ASGI0148DNGR Rear Shock Absorber (right) (unavailable)    
20 SAGI8372KNFront Wage DifferentialBack Ordered
21dx SARP8399DNGRPolaris Front Wheel- RightSet:
22 SPST8398NSmall HubcapBack Ordered
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- SPST8219LP12 Volt Battery LidBack Ordered
- SPST8220LP12 Volt Battery TrayBack Ordered
- IKCB008212 Volt Quick Charger*39.00
- MEIE0456 12V Battery Harness (unavailable)  
* Part has 'Important Notes' associated with it. We highly recommend clicking the part to read it's full description before ordering.