Power Wheels Racer Kart Parts

Model C0532
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 00801-063812 Volt Battery*Back Ordered
2 00801-177812 Volt Charger w/ Probe16.54
3 00968-4900 Left Motor Grbox Assy. (unavailable)    
4 00968-4901 Right Motor Grbox Assy. (unavailable)    
5 C0532-9799 Main Harness Assembly (service center only)    
7 C0532-9229 Footboard Assembly (unavailable)    
16 C0532-2309 Seat (unavailable)    
17 C0532-2129 Rear Wheel (unavailable)    
18 C0532-2139 Front Wheel (unavailable)    
19 C0532-9409 Steering Wheel Assembly (unavailable)    
20 C0532-9529 Stopwatch (unavailable)    
21 C0532-2319 Pretend Motor (unavailable)    
22 C0532-9369 Battery Cover (Clamp) (unavailable)    
23 C0532-2219 Cowling (unavailable)    
25 C0532-2379 Rear Bumper (unavailable)    
26 C0532-9019 Struts (Left and Right) (unavailable)    
27 C0532-9029 Flaps (Left and Right) (unavailable)    
28 C0532-2459 Cap (Wing Retainer) (unavailable)    
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- 00801-1335 .375 Front Bearing Washer (unavailable)  
- 00801-178212V Quick Charger w/ Probe25.44
- 00801-2039 Footswitch - (plunger type) (service center only)  
- 00968-4704D Left Motor Pinion (unavailable)  
- 00968-4705D Right Motor Pinion (unavailable)  
- 00968-4800 Gearbox W/out Motor (unavailable)  
- 0912-8001#8 x 3/4 inch screw.2.15
- C0530-0300 Hot Wheels Racing Guide (unavailable)  
- C0530-2019 Stencil/Pylon Sheet (unavailable)  
- C0530-9039 Chalk (unavailable)  
- C0532-0330 Decal Sheet (unavailable)  
- C0532-0920 Owners Manual (unavailable)  
- C0532-2149 Rear Axle Bushing (unavailable)  
- C0532-2249 Wire Cover (unavailable)  
- C0532-4529 Front Axle Bearing (unavailable)  
- C0532-4549 Rear Axle Drive Spacer (unavailable)  
- C0532-4559 Rear Axle Bearing (unavailable)  
- C0532-4629 Front Wheel Spacer (unavailable)  
- C0532-4639 Rear Wheel Spacer (unavailable)  
- C0532-9259 Parts Bag (unavailable)  
- C0532-9269 Hardware Bag (unavailable)  
- C0532-9539 PC Board (unavailable)  
- C0532-9699 Motor Harness (unavailable)  
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