Peg Perego Vespa Scooter Parts

Model IGED1050
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SAGI3058DGR Right Mirror (unavailable)    
2 SAGI3058SGRLeft MirrorBack Ordered
3R SPST8639DAHandlebar Turn Signal RightBack Ordered
3L SPST8639SAHandlebar Turn Signal LeftBack Ordered
4 SAGI8640KVWHandlebar AssemblyBack Ordered
5 SPST8635 Front Light Lens (unavailable)    
7 SPST8624VWFront Box Gate8.80
8 SPST8626SNLeft False CoverBack Ordered
12 ARGI0029L30GR Front Faring Assembly (unavailable)    
14 SARP8647GRN Front Wheel Assembly (unavailable)    
15 SPST8617VWFront FenderBack Ordered
18 SPST8631GR Front Fender Support Bushing (unavailable)    
19 SPST8630GRSteering BushingBack Ordered
21 SPST8642VWUpper Steering BushingBack Ordered
22 SPST8623N Rug (unavailable)    
23 SPST8628NSBattery Plug CoverBack Ordered
24 ASGI0177NSeat Assembly16.50
25 IAKB0014 12 Volt Slim Battery (unavailable)    
26 SPST8618NHardware Box CoverBack Ordered
27 SPST8656NPlastic Screw For Red ChestBack Ordered
28 SPST8627GRRear Luggage Rack11.00
29 SPST8632GRLeft False MotorBack Ordered
30 SPST8633NRight False MotorBack Ordered
31 SPST8663NLicense Plate8.80
32 SOFF0218ZRear AxleBack Ordered
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- FIUS0601G83User / Instruction Manual5.50
- MEIE0470 Accelerator Wire Harness (unavailable)  
- MEIE0477Electric Signal Wire HarnessBack Ordered
- MEPU0005XAccelerator Switch10.88
- MEPU0033Horn Switch11.00
- IKCB008212 Volt Quick Charger*39.00
* Part has 'Important Notes' associated with it. We highly recommend clicking the part to read it's full description before ordering.