Peg Perego John Deere Gator Se Parts

Model IGOD0039
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Parts List

# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
1 SPST8091KVBChassisBack Ordered
2 SPST8092VB Hood (unavailable)    
3 SPST8211YDashboard Handle1.00
4 SPST8094NDashboard15.40
5 SARP8093Y-ASeat Assembly26.95
6 SPST8095VB Battery Door (unavailable)    
7 SPST8102N Brush Guard (unavailable)    
8 SPST8117Headlight Lens3.00
9 MMEV9100 Lens Back (unavailable)    
10R SAGI8122DVBSeat Handle Right3.75
10L SAGI8122SVBSeat Handle Left4.00
11 SPMV8120NGas Tank2.00
12 SPST8121RGas Tank Cover1.00
13 ASGI0016YSteering Wheel10.00
14 SAGI3969NHorn11.20
15 SAGI8139NKey4.10
16 SPST8098VBDump Bed27.50
17 SPST8116A Tail Light Lens (unavailable)    
18L SPST8101SN Left Rear Fender (unavailable)    
18R SPST8101DN Right Rear Fender (unavailable)    
19 SPST8099VBDump Gate10.20
20R SPST8107DR Dump Gate Latch Right (unavailable)    
21R SPST8109NDump Bed Handle Set8.00
21L SPST8109SNDump Bed Handle Set8.00
22 SAGI8110KVBNHydraulic Cylinder8.20
23 SPST8108NJohn Deere Gator Dump Bed Pin1.00
24 SPST8202NJohn Deere Gator Bed Extender1.25
25 ASGI0231NYNShifter AssemblyBack Ordered
26 SAGI3977JYAccelerator Pedal Plate22.55
27 SPST8106VBLarge Wire Cover4.25
28 SPST8147VBSmall Wire Cover3.00
29 SPST8100KVBGearbox Cover11.00
3051 SAGI9950XWTMotor/Gearbox Assembly*24.98
Parts not in Diagram
# Part Number Part Description Price Cart
- ASGI0182NYRGator HPX Shifter Assembly*Back Ordered
- SARP9023SNYRear Wheel (left)Set:
- SEROOFKIT Gator Roof Kit (unavailable)  
- SPST8133GLGearbox Screw Guide1.00
- SPST8219LP 12 Volt Battery Lid (unavailable)  
- SPST8220LP 12 Volt Battery Tray (unavailable)  
- ASGI5024Gator Dump Gate Latch SetBack Ordered
- IKCB008212 Volt Quick Charger*39.00
- MEIE0456 12V Battery Harness (unavailable)  
- CarCoverCar Cover for Ride-on VehiclesBack Ordered
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